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With UniSA you’ll find the autonomy you crave – not just in terms of subject matter, but also in your teaching and research methods. It’s about collaboration. The knowledge you bring to the table is embraced by staff and students alike. Through an amalgamation of cultures and ideas, UniSA enjoys a rich depth to its collective thinking – leading to more innovative outcomes.

UniSA offers a hands-on, progressive and innovative approach to research and teaching. We’re closely aligned with business - even senior undergraduate students are sponsored to work on meaningful research projects under their professor’s guidance.

We’ve built our name on providing cutting-edge education and learning opportunities. And it’s not just our students that benefit. We give you the support, time, and training to progress.

We’re focused on developing a strong research culture; one that adds direct value to the community. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing the positive impact of your work on wider society. And you’re given the autonomy to make it happen. An idea sparks in your mind; you develop it, bring it to life within the community, and pass it on to your students. It’s a process that means you’re always exploring new avenues.

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