We saved Magill at Unijam 1.0 – what are the next steps? 

It’s been a hot topic for a while now, and we know that the Magill campus is here to stay, so what does it mean to have a ‘Magill Education Precinct’?

Over the next 12 months, UniSA will be working with the Government of South Australia and representatives from the school sector to design the future of our Magill campus.

Joining us for her first jam, Pro Vice Chancellor Denise Meredyth is keen to talk about how existing teaching and research in Education, Arts and Social Sciences can be integrated with a ‘living laboratory’ approach to teacher education.  “We’ll be exploring the options for bringing a school onto the campus with pupils from birth to year 12, and how we foster an innovative environment for teaching, learning and research”.

“There are so many good ideas out there, and I’m asking how we can bring these ideas into practice. We are looking to the precinct as a physical space and what this means for us - does a school need classrooms? A playing field? A library of its own? Does a school need its own IT system or can it share digital infrastructure? These questions are just as important as the content we teach.”

Education Minister, Susan Close is keen to look at a space with the “capacity to develop useful and effective teaching methods, and training our teachers to get the best out of themselves and their students.”  

It’s over to you, so keep on jamming!