Unijam student prize-winners

Three UniSA students have won the unijam student idea competition.

Kirrlie Rowe, Kevin Rogers and Sarah Forrest, all based at our Mawson Lakes campus, had the most popular student ideas during unijam and have each won a Coles Myer gift card.

Kirrilie posted the suggestion that UniSA should go carbon neutral.

I think UniSA should strive for a world first to not only go carbon neutral, but also to redeem previous emissions over the next 25 years, and asking their suppliers to do the same.

This prompted suggestions and discussion about how we might achieve this goal – including several jammers with the idea of using campus roof space to house solar panels.

Kevin thought that online lectures, while important, should not completely replace live lectures from real people.

Online lecture recording has many strong points but we should also remember the value of live lectures. There is no substitute for interaction with the students so that they can ask questions and also so that you can work on the whiteboard etc. A good relationship with the lecturer is what many students remember as part of their fond learning experience. We should emphasise the personal touch to differentiate us from low price competitors. We should aim for quality education rather than cheap education to enhance our reputation.

Discussions covered many pros and cons of face to face and external learning, as well as how we might blend on and offline learning techniques to provide the best of both worlds.

Sarah posed the idea that UniSA should consider on-campus child care.

As a student and casual member of staff, I've thought for a while now about how great it would be for there to be a crèche available on each campus. I obviously have child care arrangements for the full days I am teaching and studying but often an occasion will arise where I need to be on campus for just a short time (1-2 hours) for a meeting or a workshop outside of my usual work hours, or during school holidays. Often in these cases, it is difficult to arrange an extra day of child care. On occasion I have even had to bring my child into work/university with me - and I've heard of others doing the same thing. It would be so valuable to know that, whilst I am attending my commitment, my child has a safe place to be cared for within the university. What a great work experience opportunity too for our students who are studying to teachers!

Many jammers echoed Sarah’s sentiments, thinking that this could set UniSA apart from competitors.

Thanks to Kirrilie, Kevin, Sarah and all the other students who shared their ideas and time during unijam 2016.