The sweet things people say

UniJam BalloonsThe key of unijam is to foster conversation so we can shape the University of Enterprise and co-create our plan for the future but gosh, people say some nice things about us!

“When we outlined the economic priorities in 2014 we were surprised by how important the University sector was to all of those ten areas. Given this UniSA is crucial to the transformation of our economy.” – Jay Weatherill, Premier of South Austalia

“UniSA and its predecessor institutions have played a great role in developing skilled graduates for industry. Well done!” – Steven Marshall, Opposition Leader South Australia

“UniSA appears very strong in industry connection and responsiveness and that is obviously extremely important at this point in SA's growth.” – Susan Close, Member of South Australian Parliament

“The continuation of the work that is being done by UniSA's Future Industries Institute – working with companies to solve problems that already exist in SA industries in addition to commercialising the ideas that already exist within the University is a great start. We look forward to doing what we can to support UniSA involvement in growing industries in that area such as defence and food manufacturing.” – The Hon Kym Maher MLC, Leader of Government Business in the Legislative Council, Government of South Australia

“We must compete by being smart not just on the cost factors of production.  That's why UniSA is vital to enabling industry to succeed.” – Martin Hamilton-Smith, Minister for Investment and Trade and Minister for Defence Industries, South Australian Parliament

“UniSA has a great connection with industry and is actively improving this all the time.” – Elaine Bensted, Chief Executive of Zoos SA.

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