One day jamming and counting

Congratulations jammers! We had almost 600 new registrations today. You’ve been jamming for more than 25 hours and the conversations have been exciting, insightful, sometimes controversial and useful.

This morning we’ve had some important threads running including debate around options for higher education funding with Federal Minister for Higher Education, Senator Simon Birmingham and editor of The Australian’s Higher Education Supplement, Julie Hare, and some popular conversations around internships and placements  with the MD Hewlett-Packard South Pacific, Nick Wilson and regional education with Dr Laura-Anne Bull and former premier Rob Kerin.

Further discussions coming up on the agenda are….

To date we’ve had more than 830 conversations and almost 9400 comments in the jam. 

With less than five hours of jam time remaining, make sure you jump in and have a say. Participate in current conversations, start new topic threads and take the polls and most importantly provide some bright ideas about how we can improve our strategic plans.

Federal Minister for Higher Education, Senator Simon Birmingham