ClockNightcap jammies

The night is getting older, the air conditioning is slowing and the evening sandwiches have curled into cardboard. But still we’re jamming, open to the ideas of our staff, our students, our alumni and our friends and we’ll be here all night long and all day tomorrow because we want to hear what you all have to say.

And so far it has been enlightening. We asked for your ideas on four key questions: how do we best educate exceptional graduates; how do we maximise our research and innovation potential; is there more that we can do to engage with our students and our communities and how do we maintain a culture of excellence and commitment.

With just a little more than 18 hours to go we already have more than 6000 logins with a conversion rate that’s better than the IBM jam benchmark.  More than 6700 posts came from all over Australia and from as far afield as China, the Czech Republic, Malaysia and Cambodia. They have all offered their ideas on how UniSA can continue our growth. In our 25th year we’re already considered one of the best young universities in the world; we intend being even better as we get older.

Comments have ranged from how best to engage with our industry partners in our teaching and our research, to embedding the idea of entrepreneurialism into courses and programs, to developing clean energy and becoming more involved in huge new industries such as the submarine build. And then there were the therapy dogs, an inspired idea for stress reduction.

Coming up throughout the night are continuing conversations about the Magill education precinct; building industry-linked research, developing a global philanthropic strategy and UniSA in Asia and the world.

Tomorrow the topics turn to our online strategy, transforming the PhD, education beyond the city and an update on how our enterprise support plans are going.

Let us know what you think. Give us your ideas, or just vent. There’s never been a better time to shape the university as you imagine it.