Jam spreading fast

The jam is spreading fast! The two hours of unijam have been busy ones, with more than 4000 people registered and participation from 50 countries around the world, from Albania to Peru, Uganda to Vanuatu.

There have already been more than 100 conversations and 1000 comments, covering a myriad of ideas around engaging with the community, staff culture, student communication, cutting red tape and inter-campus transport.

The ‘most liked’ posts so far have included posts on staff connections and women’s development, while ideas for our future have included running Mawson Lakes campus on solar power, napping pods for staff, comedy shows by students for students, and food vans on campus.

Special guests kicking off the Jam with host and Vice Chancellor Professor David Lloyd, have been former Vice Chancellor and higher education expert Professor Denise Bradley, long-time employee  Bev Schutt, Adjunct Professor in the Division of Health Sciences Richard Head, and experienced company director and former CEO Bruce Linn.

Among popular discussions, Prof Bradley called for a more outward looking agenda, saying the country’s challenges require universities to more actively enter public debates.

Bruce Linn called for the University to position itself more towards the ‘risk taker’ end of the spectrum, taking measured risks that further our strategic intent and, in doing so, become characterised as an agile performer in the sector.

If you haven’t got on board the jam, it’s not too late to register.There’s still just over a day to have your say and help shape UniSA’s future.