Beginning your UniSA journey: engaging with Dr Laura-Anne Bull

Laura-Anne BullEngaging with our students and communities: It’s a hot topic kickstarting 135 conversations this afternoon in UniJam with Jam Host and Pro Vice Chancellor: Student Engagement and Equity, Dr Laura-Anne Bull explaining what key messages are emerging.

“Orientation, diversity and helping our international students settle well into University are key themes being talked about today,” says Dr Bull.

“We are seeing posts asking what support we can provide our students beyond O- Week, into their first semester, and how we can engage more with our international students and especially those who speak English as a second language.

“In terms of orientation we do need to look at providing support through the first semester and even the first year.

“Orientation should not be seen as only an 'event'- it is about transitioning through that all important first year and ensuring students receive information and support when and where they need it. Our 'Better Orientation' project has seen us make great strides but it needs to be an evolving process and this is great feedback.

“I think we can also look at what we can do better in helping prepare international students from the minute they accept our offer, through the orientation process and during those all -important first few months including introducing specific buddy/mentoring programs- we will take comments made on."

Pictured: Shweta Mariwala (left), Dr Laura-Anne Bull (Right)