Professor Brian MacCraith

President, Dublin City University

In 1996, after completing a Masters of Science and Ph.D. in Optical Spectroscopy of Laser Materials, Professor MacCraithjoined the staff of Dublin City University where he taught Physics and led research in the areas of optical chemical sensors and biosensors, biomedical diagnostics and nanobiophotonics. In 1999 he became founding Director of the National Centre for Sensor Research at Dublin City University and developed a company, Gas Sensor Solutions andwon the Liavan Mallin Invent Award for innovation.

In 2005, Professor MacCraith played a role in the establishment of the Biomedical Diagnostics Institute that focusses on the development of next-generation Point-of-Care diagnostic platforms and h is renowned internationally for his research on optical chemical sensors and biosensors. Currently, he is Chair of the STEM Education Review Group and is also Chair of the Strategic Review of Medical Training and Career Structure. In July 2010, he was inaugurated as President of Dublin City University, a position that he will hold for 10 years.