Mr Dennis Muirhead FRSA

The Association of Cambridge Mediators and Clerksroom 

Dennis Muirhead qualified as a Mediator in 2002, was trained by Stitt Feld Handy (Canada) with The University of Law and is accredited by the Civil Mediation Council. He is an experienced commercial mediator and lawyer with over 40 years’ experience as a criminal law defence advocate, in human rights, drugs, death penalty, immigration, defamation, motor racing, entertainment and the music industry.  

He has spent over 30 years in management, business & legal affairs in the music and technology industries. He was the founding chairman of the Music Managers Forum (MMF). He is an experienced company chairman and director particularly of technology start-ups, charities and voluntary organisations. Mr Muirhead is also president of the thriving South Australian Universities Alumni Europe Chapter based in the UK.