Unijam: At a glance

Statistical success for Unijam 2016. Thousands of registrations and posts

We were world leaders when we ran the first university jam in 2013 and three years on we've delivered another fantastic unjam.

With almost 1000 conversations and 12000 comments, the jam experience has been fantastic - offering an environment where staff can engage with setting the course of  their organisation as few others can.

Latest News

Unijam student prize-winners

1 June 2016

Three UniSA students have won the unijam student idea competition. Kirrlie Rowe, Kevin Rogers and Sarah Forrest, all based at our Mawson Lakes campus, had the most popular student ideas during unijam and have each won a Coles Myer gift card.

JamRoll please!

20 May 2016

Friday 16:00 - Wow – two big days of jamming and we have come to the sweet, sweet end of it. But it was pizza, not jam donuts that kicked off the jam with pizza parties held on all UniSA campuses in a kind of food for thoughts exchange. At the start of the jam we had more than 4600 people...

Jamming with Pyne: Commercialising research and creating jobs

20 May 2016

13:50 Friday - The Hon Christopher Pyne MP Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science has jumped into UniJam this lunchtime with some interesting comments regarding the National Innovation and Science Agenda, opportunities for greater commercialisation of research in South Australia, and the...

One day jamming and counting

20 May 2016

11:45 Friday - Congratulations jammers! We had almost 600 new registrations today. You’ve been jamming for more than 25 hours and the conversations have been exciting, insightful, sometimes controversial and useful.

Jam on Toast

20 May 2016

06:00 Friday - As the sun peeks up over the Adelaide Hills, the team at UniJam have packaged up a digestible snack of the best bits of conversation since midnight. While many of the 4,500+ registrants were in bed, dreaming of enterprise and innovation, we’ve heard from international alumni, local...

Nightcap jammies

19 May 2016

22:35 Thursday - The night is getting older, the air conditioning is slowing and the evening sandwiches have curled into cardboard. But still we’re jamming, open to the ideas of our staff, our students, our alumni and our friends and we’ll be here all night long and all day tomorrow because we want...

How a jam works


A jam is an online brainstorming event and ideas generator. It allows for thousands of participants to have a conversation on a range of issues in real time from wherever they are located.

To do this we will be using IBM’s Collaborative Innovation platform. Globally, over 80 businesses, not-for-profits and government bodies have successfully used this technology for organisational conversations.

UniSA staff and students use your UniSA email address when registering

UniSA alumni – if we have your email address, we have sent you an email invite and you can register using that email address. If you haven’t received an invite by email, you will need to update your details to be able to register.

UniSA friends – selected friends of the University have also been invited to participate

Registration opens on Tuesday 26 April and remains open until the end of the jam on Friday 20 May. Once registrations are open complete the registration form (hosted by IBM) and follow the instructions on the email you will receive from IBM. You must complete the validation step to confirm your registration.

Yes, everyone needs to register for this unijam. Go to the registration page here to register.

unijam will begin 10am (Australian Central Standard Time) on Thursday 19 May and conclude on Friday 20 May.

unijam will comprise a series of online discussion forums covering a range of topics. You’ll be able to chat with VIPs, industry and business leaders from all over the world, plus senior managers from UniSA. You can ‘follow’ particular threads of discussion or a specific person’s comments, as well as make your own comments. Your responses will not be anonymous...but that's a great way to connect with others you know during the jam.

The unijam conversations will be distilled by IBM through its data analytics capabilities to help guide our strategy development. A detailed report will be prepared by IBM on the major themes that emerged during the discussion for consideration by the University.

Yes, you can just view the unijam conversation but you must still register to log in to the event.

The preferred browsers for the Jam application are the latest versions of Chrome and Safari (Mac users). The Jam application supports Firefox 3.5 and beyond and Internet Explorer 9.0. Users must allow session cookies and have JavaScript enabled on their browser. To experience the Jam at its fullest, users should ensure that their screen resolution is set to 1024 x 768 pixels. The discussion topics/forums are JAWS accessible (for the visually impaired).

No, you can join the unijam from anywhere you like, as long as you have registered and have a computer and internet access.

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