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Depression Awareness, Recognition and Treatment

Up to 30% of people living with a long-term physical health problem will become depressed. Much of the care for this group is provided by nurses working in primary health care settings that support people living with long-term physical health conditions in their own home.

The purpose of this one day workshop is to assist primary health care nurses in recognising depression in others and to identify appropriate levels of support.

The Depression Awareness, Recognition and Treatment program describes the clinical presentation of both psychological and pharmacological treatments of depression. The program also explores the interaction of depression and physical health conditions such as diabetes, and the additional challenges people living with depression in regional community’s experience.

During the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to experience a clinical simulated learning environment in which they will screen for depression and identify appropriate support for the consumer/patient. Participants on completion of the training will have an opportunity to participant in six one hour “community of practice” sessions.  The “community of practice” allows participants to discuss and reflect on their experiences of using the skills covered in the training programme.

Duration of workshop: One day workshop