Small Talk for Clinical Facilitators and Supervisors

Date:  4 November 2020
Time:  9.00am - 11.00am

Ms Kirstin Marks, Learning Adviser Manager, Student Engagement Unit, University of South Australia
Kirstin is the ‘Learning Adviser Manager for UniSA Student Engagement Unit’.  An area of interest for her team is helping students develop their communication skills with others.  Kirstin and her team have a set of resources they have found to be effective for students who struggle with making ‘small talk’ and are keen to share these with you.

Workshop Overview:
Making small talk can be difficult for some, especially if the person is in a new work environment, shy, has language or cultural differences.  There are number of resources available to help people, especially your students, in developing their ‘Small Talk’ skills.  UniSA students are directed to access these resources when required.  We feel you may benefit from knowing what resources are out there in case your students need support during their placement.

Workshop Registration: 
Register here: UniSA Small Talk Workshop
Meeting I.D:  928 3319 3819
Password:  439122