Academic Strategy Group (ASG)

The Academic Strategy Group (ASG) is responsible for:

  • Developing, implementing and evaluating the initiatives emanating from the Curriculum Innovation Process 2013-2018
  • Informing and supporting the strategic actions relating to lifting teaching quality, the student experience, student engagement, equity, workforce planning, and more as outlined in Crossing the Horizon
  • Facilitating information sharing and discussion of issues relating to teaching and learning
  • Providing a mechanism for linking divisional Teaching and Learning Committees with senior leadership.

The Provost and Chief Academic Officer chairs the ASG and determines which projects, issues or priorities are elevated to the Academic Standards and Quality Committee (ASQC), Academic Board (AB) or Senior Management Group (SMG).

Terms of reference

  1. To support the Provost & Chief Academic Officer in the development of strategic teaching and learning priority projects informed by the annual curriculum reviews
  2. To advise and support the Provost & Chief Academic Officer to advance teaching and learning, student engagement and student experience initiatives, as outlined in the University’s strategic action plan
  3. To advise the Vice Chancellor, Provost & Chief Academic Officer, Deputy Vice Chancellors and Pro Vice Chancellors on measures to improve the quality and status of teaching and learning within the University
  4. To provide a forum for the discussion of teaching and learning issues
  5. To make recommendations to the Provost & Chief Academic Officer on staff development opportunities to enhance the quality of teaching
  6. To discuss activity arising through Divisional Teaching and Learning Committees, and to disseminate information to Divisional Executives and Teaching and Learning Committees
  7. To discuss strategies to respond to information and data published on the quality of the University’s teaching, student experience and graduate outcomes.


  • Provost & Chief Academic Officer (Chair)
  • Academic Director: UniSA College
  • Academic Director: UniSA Online
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Marketing and Communications Officer
  • Dean: Academic (BUE)
  • Dean: Academic (EASS)
  • Dean: Academic (HSC)
  • Dean: Health and Clinical Education (HSC)
  • Dean: Academic (ITEE)
  • Director: Student and Academic Services
  • Director: Teaching Innovation Unit
  • Director: Office of the Vice Chancellor and Strategic Programs
  • Portfolio Manager, Office of the Provost & Chief Academic Officer
  • Pro Vice Chancellor: Student Engagement & Equity
  • Executive Officer (non-voting)

The Committee will meet monthly.