How do I access student records?

Part of the transition between secondary education and higher education is a shift in the way your student is regarded. At UniSA, we treat our students as adults and, unless there are special circumstances affecting them, we expect students to be responsible for themselves. This can mean a shift of responsibility from you to the student in your family.

As with any other institution that collects personal information, we have a strict policy with regard to the treatment of that information. The policy provides that information directly relating to a student's academic progression and other administrative details is only released at the direct request of a student. 

Should you have questions about a student's studies or progress we suggest your best option is to question them directly. If they are unsure on how to provide you with the answer, encourage them to contact Campus Central who can assist with the information. 

When contacting the University on a student's behalf, please be aware that only general information can be released, unless the student is present.


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