How do we pay tuition fees?

If you are looking for detailed information about the costs involved in sending a student to university, visit our comprehensive Fees and finance page.

Payment of fees 

Students  access their tuition accounts through the finance section of their student portal, myUniSA, where all invoices are located. As a rule, invoices are not generated or available for payment until one or two weeks before classes commence.

Payment options are listed on the bottom of the invoice. If a full or partial upfront tuition payment is to be made then it must be done before the due date listed on the invoice.

All undergraduate domestic students will receive an invoice, even if eligible students have elected to defer their tuition payments to HECS-HELP. If eligible students have chosen to defer their tuition fees to HECS-HELP the invoice can be disregarded. After the census date the tuition fees will be deferred to HECS-HELP.

International students are required to pay their first 18 units' of tuition fees before they are accepted into a UniSA program. They are then required to pay their subsequent study periods' tuition in two instalments (50% due two weeks before census date and remaining 50% due two weeks after census date).  

Further information about payment of fees is available on the Student finance website.  

What is the census date?

 The census date is extremely important in university life. 

Enrolment in courses, and the meeting of financial obligations for those courses, must be finalised by the census date. It is the last day on which a student can withdraw from a course and have it removed from their academic record. If a student withdraws from a course after this date they will still need to pay for it.

A student's academic record will be affected if they informally withdraw from their program or any of their courses without completing the necessary forms. Incomplete courses will be recorded as fail grades. This can be detrimental for students who return to study later. If a student is having second thoughts about their program or courses they can find practical advice in Smart Start at UniSA (available soon).


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