UniBazaar is a great way for you to run your very own market stall! We want to empower students who want to host unique stalls on campus, with everything from vintage fashion, gifts, baked goods, and entertainment.

What's changed?

The next chapter for UniBazaar allows for more events, more often, and for greater opportunities for groups or individuals to host a stall. Instead of running a large market during each study period, we will be grouping between three and four stalls on campus - an ideal number to create a vibrant set of stalls, but with less competition. We'll help by organising the infrastructure (marquees, trestle tables, etc.) and creating that vibe that people won't be able to ignore!

How does it work?

Registration is super simple! Think of what you'd like to do. Pick the best campus to do it on and you're off. No stress, no fuss, but the chance to make money, friends, networks and learning experiences.

Registrations for UniBazaar are currently closed and will open again in 2016.


Funded by SSAF