Jean Monnet Project Match Tournament Winner Announced

Match Tournament Winner

Match Tournament

Match Tournament is a collaboration between the School of Creative Industries and Match Studio in the School of Art Architecture and Design. It is part of an EU Erasmus+ Project Grant on Creative Industries and the Digital Economy as Drivers of EU Integration and Innovation (CIDEII) run by an international team including Hawke EU Centre Research Director, Creative Work Mobilities Research Node, Professor Susan Luckman.

Match Tournament is a 12 week challenge hosted by UniSA's Match Studio that can be incoroorated in student's studies. It challenges 6 interdisciplinary teams comprising of 4 students each led by an academic and culminates in a Grand Slam Pitch Event. Teams may include undergraduate and up to 2 postgraduate students.Teams work with a community organisation or government agency and representatives from an associated policy agency to identify issues related to the development and sustainability of inclusive and age friendly communities. Match Tournament supports learning about how to access and understand what the plethora of data collected about us says about our communities. It then steps students through design-thinking and co-design processes to develop either a product, policy, service or system that supports age friendliness in our communities.The winning team is funded to go to Copenhagen during mid-term break in September to meet with participants of a sister challenge as well as visit other organisations and institutions related to our collective efforts.

The Winning Pitch

Team Name: "People Powered Planning"

Project Name: Human Kind 

Anna Moffat (Academic team leader)
Phan Nguyen Mai Chi- Masters of Business Management
Matthew Schefe – Bachelor of Human Movement
Bianca Connelly- Bachelor of Social Science
Kelly Carpenter – Bachelor of Product Design (Industrial)


Match Tournament Winner

Project Details

People Powered Planning believe that enterprise and change should be delivered for the people, by the people. Underpinning their pitch is an understanding that it is possible for everyone to benefit from awareness and reform- from individuals, to businesses, to entire communities.

The project proposed by "People Powered Planning", titled "Human Kind", involves the development of toolboxes that can be provided to businesses and service providers that interact with Australian residents of various ages. The toolboxes contain stickers and advertising materials that can be used to alert the public to the participation of a business or service provider in the "Human Kind" initiative. They also contain practical tools that can be used by participant organisations to promote the inclusivity of their services, such as a measuring tape showing the width required for a wheelchair walker and pram. Accompanying these tools are reader friendly guides that clearly advice participants about how they can make their enterprise environment accessible, approachable and welcoming. These materials are supported by information packages sent to residents and available online.

The overall goal of "Human Kind" is not just to make spaces more accessible, but to promote rich social interactions between members of the same community. It is important that we don't just talk to and share time with strangers during standalone community events, but during our everyday activities, which is what the toolboxes and information kits developed by "People Powered Planning's" toolboxes will help to promote.



Areas of study and research

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