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MOD. is a futuristic museum of discovery, a place to be and be inspired. By offering immersive experiences within dynamic, changing exhibition programs, MOD. will explore the inherent creativity in problem-solving, and consider how research shapes our understanding of the world to inform future possibilities.


The purpose of MOD. is to nurture observation, discovery and learning so that young people can find pathways to contribute to the creation of prosperous, equitable and sustainable futures.

MOD. will build a greater understanding of the role of science in our lives and inspire young people to continue to connect with science, technology, engineering, art/design and mathematics.  It will be a window into the university and state’s research and innovation activities and a venue for a range of public, community or industry events around science, creativity and innovation.

Anthology 01 - Call out for submissionsAnthology call out

MOD. is running a pilot program collating an anthology of short fiction, poetry, illustration and photography. We are inviting 15 – 22yo. to submit their work which will be reviewed by an editorial panel, curating up to 20 submissions which best reflect the WAKE theme. The anthology will then be printed and sold at MOD. Shop to showcase local creativity on issues about what it is to be human and our place in this world.

Read more about Anthology 01

Exhibition Programs

Our opening exhibition for May 2018 is MOD.IFY, focusing on perceptions and multiple realities to explore how technologies are being applied to health, defence and entertainment.

MOD. will host three exhibitions programs each year plus a shorter studio program. Our programs are designed under these guiding principles:

  • Unexpected & Audacious. We challenge the traditional. The experience will be emotionally charged, where science and technology can be fun, but also challenging, icky and delightful. MOD. will be audacious, ambitious and globally-orientated.
  • Participatory. There will be spaces for doing, not just seeing. And different ways of getting involved so it has tangible impact for young people.
  • Accessible & Inclusive. Visitors will be welcome in the space through a mix of diverse and sensory activities catering for a wide range prior knowledge and capabilities.
  • Open-ended. MOD. will generate more questions than answers. It will be an engine for serendipity, providing young people experiences to draw on throughout life.
  • Connected. We will bring people and ideas together to promote further discovery by showcasing research and innovation and being a place where young people are welcome to hang out.

And it will be free! MOD. will be open to everyone – inspiring future generations of South Australians. 

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MOD. Team

Join us at the interface of science, art and innovation.

There are a range of opportunities to partner with us. We will also tailor our partnership/sponsorship opportunities to fit with the strategic objectives of each of our partners. If you would like to contribute to the success of MOD. please contact:

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