Water and Natural Resources

The aims of this strand are to develop and conduct high quality interdisciplinary research on water and natural resources, including soils and minerals. Researchis conducted through partnerships with industries, government agencies, other tertiary institutions and communities. Our goal is to achieve progressive and sustainable futures for our natural and built environments.

Our research specialisation areas include: civil andindustrial engineering, water and environmental sciences, geophysical and geochemical sciences. Research is conducted in modern laboratories and experimental facilities, with novel data processing and modelling techniques.  Specialised instrumentation is used for a wide range of water and wastewater quality analyses, treatment efficiency assessment and optimisation, and for soils and minerals analyses. Specialised research capabilities include the following:

■ Geological and hydrogeological procedures foridentification and sustainable use of groundwaterresources in arid regions of South Australia
■ Geological and geochemical investigation oftectonic processes and the evolution of thecontinents
■ Geotechnical solutions for water resourceinfrastructures (e.g. distribution networks,permeable pavements, development of WSUDtechnologies)
■ Measurement and monitoring, recovery andoptimised use of water and natural resources
■ Optimisation of quality, treatment andmanagement of fresh and saline water sources(surface water, industrial and domestic wastewater,recycled water, ground water, urban water, stormwater) for fit-for-purpose use.

Strand leaderAsPr Mizanur Rahman

Deputy Strand leader:  TBA

Key contacts:

Prof John Argue*
AsPr David Bruce*
Dr Ian Clark*
Dr Guna Hewa
Dr Mohammad Kamruzzaman*
Dr Rajibul Karim
AsPr Xing Ma
Dr Paul Monis*
Prof Dennis Mulcahy*
Dr Baden Myers
Dr Justin Payne
Prof Christopher Saint
Dr Michael Short
Prof John van Leeuwen*
AsPr James Ward
AsPr Tom Raimondo

* denotes Adjuct staff

Areas of study and research

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