Sustainable Infrastructure and Built Environments

In this strand, we embrace digital innovation to foster equitable and just, healthy, safe, thriving and sustainable communities. This is done through communities’ stakeholders including national and international governments, private enterprises, charitable and not-for-profit and social organisations, media, and communities. We work with our research partners to generate new executable ideas and innovations, harnessing smart technologies to nurture innovative business and social policies, processes and models to shape the way we design, build and manage our communities. We believe it is vital to engage all our members and stakeholders to ensure smart and healthy communities, where all of us can feel free to live, learn, work and play with unhindered access to information to enrich the lives and experiences of our communities’ members.  Research of this strand includes the following topics:

Facilities Management - Building Information Modelling (BIM), Resource efficiency, Asset management, Integrated infrastructure systems

Project & Risk Management - Project control methods, Standards development, Sustainable construction, Project procurement, Integrity of tendering system, Sustainable development, Program & portfolio management, Strategic benefits realisation, …

Smart Applications - Digital technologies and smart buildings, GIS applications, Public transport planning, Ageing & transport, Smart & sustainable construction, Big data analytics in built environment, Sustainable communities, Smart construction materials, …

Structures - Structural engineering, Reinforced crumbed rubber concrete, Recycling materials, Resilient infrastructures, Non-destructive condition assessment, Structural retrofitting, ...

Sustainable construction - Energy efficient industries and communities, Asset management, Online sensing, Sustainable buildings, Urban precinct modelling, Energy emissions of buildings & embodied energy, Construction operations & safety management, Human factors in construction management, Green infrastructure, ...

Waste Management - Waste utilization, Sustainable construction materials, Zero energy buildings, Reverse logistics, Supply chain, ...


Strand leaderDr Jorge Ochoa Paniagua

Deputy Strand leader:  Dr Sekhar Somenahalli


Strand Member List:

Dr Faisal Ahammed
Dr Jun Ahn
Mr Tom Benn*
AsPr Nicholas Chileshe
Prof Christopher Chow
Prof Ian Clark*
Dr Jeremy Coggins
Mr Mark Ellis
Mr Rob Freda
Ms Debbie Frisby
Mr John Gelder
Dr Reza Hassanli
Ms Jacqueline Jepson
Dr Ki Kim
AsPr Konstantinos Kirytopoulos
Prof John Van Leeuwen*
Ms Anna Longford
Dr Tony Ma
AsPr Xing Ma
Prof Julie Mills
Mr Paul Monis*
AsPr David Ness*
Dr Jorge Ochoa Paniagua
AsPr Stephen Pullen*
AsPr Mizanur Rahman
AsPr Rameez Rameezdeen
Prof Christopher Saint
Dr Sekhar Somenahalli
Mr Anthony Wood
Prof Yan Zhuge
Dr Arpana Samaraweera
Dr Rajibul Karim

Areas of study and research

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