Environmental Stewardship


This strand aims to protect nature by studying it, finding innovative remedies to environmental degradation and improving management practices for all environments. We recognise the intrinsic value of nature as a complex and dynamic system of which humans are part, and that our health and wellbeing depend on a healthy planet.

International research in multiple disciplines isconducted with other UniSA researchers across the organisation and a wide range of external organisations (private, NGO, government, universities and research institutions) and individuals (e.g. farmers).

Our experience in trans-disciplinary research positions us to tackle and find solutions to the most complex environmental research problems. Our researchcapacity includes:

■ Ecology (seed ecology, fire ecology, landscape restoration, pollination, nectar chemistry, wildlife ecology,       sustainable agriculture, plant community assembly, invasive species, climate change refugia, island biology, ecosystem services)
■ Environmental engineering (ecologicalengineering, resource-use modelling, integratedand sustainable food production, industrial waste recycling and re-use, contaminant seepage analysis, soil mechanics)
■ Remote sensing (mapping, spatio-environmental data processing)
■ Social science (links between nature and health, impacts of wildfires, natural resource management, environmental interpretation, policy, project management, inclusive and integrated infrastructure systems, pollution policy)
■ Water, wastewater and waste impacts on the environment (water quality, wastewater quality, catchment hydrology, Water-Sensitive UrbanDesign, waste minimisation, applied microbiology)

Strand leader: Associate Professor Sophie (Topa) Petit

Deputy Strand leader:  Dr Guna Hewa

Key Contacts:

Mr Rob Aebi
Mr Tom Benn*
AsPr David Bruce*
AsPr Nicholas Chileshe
Mr John Gelder
Ms Joan Gibbs*
Mr Shane Kakko
Dr Rajibul Karim
Dr Gunnar Keppel
Dr Paul Monis*
Dr Baden Myers
AsPr David Ness*
AsPr Mizanur Rahman
Prof Christopher Saint
Dr Michael Short
Prof Paul Sutton*
Prof John van Leeuwen*
AsPr James Ward 
Dr Annette Scalon

* denotes Adjunct staff

Areas of study and research

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