Placement Roles

There are many roles and responsibilities in Professional Experience. All Preservice Teachers should make themselves familiar with the range of roles and responsibilities undertaken by those contributing to your placement experience. 

Professional Experience Officer

The Professional Experience Office (PEO) the first point of contact for any questions relating to Professional Experience Placements. The PEO team are the critical link between the placement setting and the University.

The Professional Experience Office:

    •  Is responsible for arranging and managing placements for all Preservice Teachers (PSTs) and negotiating with the schools concerned. 
    • Liaise with course co-ordinators.
    • Arrange PST screening

Pre Service Teacher

We encourage the relationship between the Preservice Teacher, site personnel and university colleaugues to be collaborative and reciprocal. To enable such learning relationships to develop, Preservice Teachers are expected to act professionally at all times and to demonstrate the following:

    • Uphold the expectations of the university
    • Ensure the PEO is fully aware of all PST circumstances
    • Make sure they have met their requirements
    • Engage as co-constructors of knowledge 
  • Site Coordinator

    The Site Coordinator is responsible for the overall coordination of each Preservice Teacher’s program at the designated site. It is their responsibility to encourage the effective interaction of all partners; the Preservice Teacher, the Supervising Teacher, the Site and the University program. Their role is paramount to maximising the success of the professional experience and includes:

    • Negotiating with the School of Education co-ordinators
    • Ensuring PSTs are aware of the school function
  • Supervising Teacher

    The relationship between the Preservice Teacher and the Supervising Teacher is critical. The role of the Supervising Teacher includes:

    • Meeting and greeting the PSTs placed at the school
    • Writing the interim and final reports for PSTs
    • Ensure reports are sent to the PEO in a timely manner
    • Ensure PSTs fulfil their teaching role – plan lessons
  • University Supervisor

    The role of the University Supervisor is to maintain and strengthen the partnership between the university and the site, and to support the Preservice Teacher in undertaking placement requirements. One University Supervisor will be appointed to each site.

    The University Supervisor will:

    • Liaise with the university
    • Liaise with the supervising teacher
    • Arrange visits to the allocated placement schools
    • Liaise with the PSTs
    • Ensure PSTs carry out their responsibilities
    • Visit placement schools and observe the allocated PSTs


Course Coordinator

The Course Coordinator is responsible for providing the course work, preparing Pre-Service Teachers for placement.  The Course Coordinator also oversees the management of the placement and Pre-service Teachers.

The Course Coordinator will:

    • Organise the course structure 
    • Arrange workshops and lectures
    • Recruit and support teaching staff
    • Liaise with PSTs
    • Organise, write and publish the Course Outline 

Areas of study and research

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