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Mobilong Prison Radio Project

Mobilong Prison Radio ProjectDepartment of Correctional Services
Project Leader:  Dr Heather Anderson

Through a series of workshops, prisoners will produce a short series of radio features to support the induction package for new arrivals to Mobilong Prison. 2 media education professionals will facilitate 3 workshops per week (ie. Monday, Wednesday and Friday) for 4 weeks.  The project aims to involve up to 16 prisoners in the workshops which will take place in the Offender Development Building at Mobilong Prison. Over 4 weeks, participants will learn planning and interview skills, and audio recording and editing techniques, in order to produce radio features. The stories will focus on specific aspects of the induction process in order to inform new arrivals and support successful settlement into the prison. Topics could include advice on mental health and wellbeing, education and recreation options, or support services and visits. The project is based on similar international prison radio services and is designed as a pilot to test the potential impact of radio and content for Australian prisoners. The completed series will be launched through a presentation event at the prison, where participants will be able to talk about the content and process of producing radio and encourage further involvement.

Mobilong Prison Radio pilot: final report