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ARC LIEF Project 2018-19 – ‘Linked semantic platforms for social and physical infrastructure and wellbeing’

UniSA is a major partner of the Analysis & Policy Observatory http://apo.org.au/, and a key part of this partnership is UniSA’s key role in the Australian Research Council LIEF (Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities) Project (LE180100094) – ‘Linked semantic platforms for social and physical infrastructure and wellbeing’. The School of Creative Industries hosts the UniSA end of this project that includes three local Chief Investigators: Prof Susan Luckman (School of Creative Industries), Prof Maureen Dollard (School of Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy), and Prof Ian Olver (UniSA Cancer Research Institute).

The ‘Linked semantic platforms’ (LSP) project is significant because it aims to revolutionise the way researchers are able to access, and analyse policy documents and data. The main objective of the two-year LSP Project is to develop the next generation of decision-support tools for interdisciplinary research on critical public policy issues. By applying linked open data, knowledge graphs and collaborations across existing research infrastructure projects, the project will improve interoperability across major social science databases. The ultimate outcome of this project will be the creation of new analytical tools that will transform the research capabilities for evidence-based policy making. As part of this, UniSA will further develop the content of 3 of the APO collections: Cultural Policy and Creative Industries, Work in the Digital Economy and Digital Health Systems, and develop innovative data visualisation and interface tools to enhance the collection offerings and accessibility to users.

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