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A project is a planned body of work provided by an organisation to an individual student or team of students that results in the delivery of an agreed, tangible outcome. Students are briefed by the organisation and then expected to work independently, outside of the organisation, to complete the project within two to three months. Students taking part in a project are generally unpaid.

At least one progress meeting should be scheduled with the organisation to monitor and provide formative feedback, and a final meeting to deliver the outcomes should also be arranged.

Projects can involve a single student from the list of skill sets detailed below, or a team of students from the same skill stream or a collaboration of students from a range of skill streams. 

Each student should work for a minimum of 80 hours on their project-specific tasks and projects are generally unpaid. The relationship between a student or team and the organisation is similar to that of a client / agency process in the way the goals and outcomes are briefed, monitored and delivered.

Organisations wishing to register their interest in working with a UniSA student individual or team should complete their details here.

Criteria for hosting a project

  • Provision of an organisational liaison person with the ability to:
  • Provide project brief OR work with student to develop brief
  • Meet student/s at a minimum of 3 times during the course of the project
  • Provide feedback report at the conclusion of the project
  • Allocation of project appropriate to the skills and experience of the student/s, relevant to their discipline area
  • Provision of appropriate workload for the student/s for the period of the project (80 hours minimum)
  • Provision of specialised equipment and tools if not available at UniSA