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UniSA staff can provide support for employers at all stages of the experience. Information is provided to assist employers find a student, set tasks, manage the experience and reflect on the outcomes achieved.

How it works

The steps below demonstrate the usual for hosting an intern or project student:

1. Employers register

For most internships and projects, the process for connecting employers and students begins with a registration of interest by the employer using the appropriate form for either an internship or project. This registration form outlines the proposed time period as well as the tasks/ project proposal set out by the organisation. Please visit the FAQ - Industry section to see if your organisation or internship/ project meets the requirements of this particular course.

2. Students apply

Once an organisation is deemed to have met the requirements, students will apply for the position/s.

3. Interview and selection (interviews are primarily for internships)

If required, interviews are conducted and shortlisting occurs. Interviews are primarily for internship positions but some form of "pitching" process can occur for projects. UniSA staff can assist with shortlisting or make the final selection for employers.  Alternatively, employers may choose to have complete control over the selection of successful candidates.

4. Tasks and outcomes are agreed upon

Once a student/s has/have been selected and work arrangements agreed upon, the student and employer form a list of learning objectives and tasks that are hoped to be achieved by the end of the internship or project. You can find suggested tasks and project ideas for relevant discipline areas here.

5. Insurance forms and confidentiality agreement statements (if applicable) are completed

Insurance and confidentially agreement forms (if applicable) are organised prior to the start of the internship or project.

6. Induction and OH&S procedures take place and internship/ project begins

Particularly for internships, students working on-site within an organisation must complete an induction session and cover particular Occupational, Health & Safety information. An online module is currently being developed for implementation in early 2015.

7. Internship/ Project concludes and final feedback is obtained

For internships, students are expected to obtain regular feedback from their supervisors throughout and at the conclusion of their internship. Project students must have regular contact with their organisation liaison and obtain feedback at the conclusion of the project.