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Entry via work experience

Applications based on entry via work experience will be assessed on a case by case basis. The same criteria apply to all Creative Industries programs that allow entry via work experience.

Applicants must demonstrate at least two years full time (or part time equivalent) relevant industry work experience within the last five years. Those with experience prior to the last five years may also be considered upon application.

Curriculum Vitae/Resume

List your career achievements with particular emphasis upon those relevant to your proposed program of study.

Your curriculum vitae should be no longer than two pages and:


  1. must be a current professional resume detailing education and work history
  2. must contain at least two professional/work related referees

Statement of Intent (500 words)

Outline your objectives for undertaking the proposed program of study, together with a summary of your specific aims for developing your creative and professional knowledge and skills.

How to apply

Email your Curriculum Vitae and Statement of Intent to EASSAdmissions@unisa.edu.au.

Applications will be assessed by the Program Director. Students will be advised of the outcome.

Eligible applicants will then be invited to provide a portfolio submission (in film and television, digital media or visual effects), and attend an in-person interview. The School of Creative Industries will provide further information on how to submit a portfolio, which must be via an email with working links or in a PC compatible format on DVD or USB.

Bachelor of Media Arts MBME

Portfolio requirements

Visual Effects: A 60-second, online (Vimeo or YouTube) demo reel of recent work that may include modelling, texturing, rigging, animation, dynamic effects, lighting, compositing, tracking, 3D digital matte painting.

Film and TV: 3-4 complete pieces of credited work (with candidate's role clearly credited).

Digital Media: A digital portfolio consisting of at least 10 images (illustrations, web designs, design tenders, animation). This may be presented via Vimeo, YouTube and/or website.

For further information please contact:

School of Creative Industries CILTeaching@unisa.edu.au