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If you are a bilingual or multilingual student who wants to develop high level proficiency in English, we have the answer.

English LanguageOur courses offer you high level expertise in:

  • speaking English at university and in the workplace
  • writing English for university study and the workplace
  • maximising your bilingual or multilingual capability to advantage your career opportunities

They are 4.5 credit-bearing, elective courses.

You can enrol in more than one of these courses. If you enrol in four courses, you qualify for a Minor in English. Should you wish to take a Sub-Major or Major in English, please see the additional information below.

These courses include:

LANG 1052 -English for Academic Use in Australia
Inglese accademico in Australia
الانكليزية الاكاديمية في استراليا
Tiếng Anh dành cho học thuật tại Ốt-xtrây-li-a.
ऑस्ट्रेलिया में अकादमिक उपयोग के लिए अंग्रेजी
Bahasa Inggeris untuk kegunaan akademik di Australia

  • Develop expertise in English language for academic writing
  • Develop expertise in Australian cultures and Australian English
  • Learn how to maximise your existing knowledge of languages to advance your learning in English

LANG 1053: English for Academic and International Communication
Inglese per la comunicazione accademica e internazionale
الانكليزية للتواصل الاكاديمي والعالمي
Tiếng Anh học thuật và giao tiếp quốc tế
अकादमिक और अंतर्राष्ट्रीय संचार के लिए अंग्रेजी
Bahasa Inggeris untuk Komunikasi Akademik dan Antarabangsa

  • Develop and expand your academic writing of English for your program of study
  • Develop your academic English to increase your international career opportunities
  • Learn how to develop strong translation expertise between English and your first language

LANG 2032: English and the Art of Speaking and Writing 
Inglese e l’arte di parlare e scrivere
الانكليزية وفن الكلام والكتابة
Tiếng Anh và nghệ thuật nói và viết
अंग्रेजी और बोलने और लेखन की कला
Bahasa Inggeris dan seni bercakap serta menulis

  • Advance your ability and confidence in, and knowledge of, academic presentations
  • Advance your ability and confidence in, and knowledge of, academic writing
  • Advance your bilingual capabilities for academic and career success

LANG 2033: English in the Professions 
Inglese ad indirizzo professionale
الانكليزية في المجالات المهنية
Tiếng Anh dành cho nghề nghiệp
व्यवसाय में अंग्रेजी
Bahasa Inggeris dalam Profesion

  • Advance your confidence and expertise in speaking English in the professional workplace
  • Advance your expertise in writing for professional purposes
  • Advance your bilingual or multilingual expertise for smart workplace and career advantage

English Language for Business Studies (New in 2019)
Engels vir besigheidstudies 
Engleski jezik za poslovne studije
Tiếng Anh chuyên ngành Kinh doanh
बिजनेस  स्टडीज  के  लिए  अंग्रेजी  भाषा

  • Program Director approved elective course for students enrolled in undergraduate Business Degrees at UniSA
  • Develop your confidence in writing fluent paragraphs and business correspondence
  • Develop your confidence in speaking English for professional and public speaking purposes

Please contact either Dr Jeanne-Marie Viljoen or Dr Fiona O’Neill for more information about any of first year (LANG 1052, 1053) & the Business Studies Course, and the second year (LANG 2032, 2033) courses. Alternatively, you can contact CILTeaching@unisa.edu.au

Minor, Sub-Major and Major in the Bachelor of Arts degree

If you take each of LANG 1052, 1053, 2032 and 2033, you will qualify for a Minor in English in an undergraduate degree.

If you would like to continue to qualify for a Sub-Major in English, you will need to enrol in two additional courses in English (you can choose any two from the list below).

If you would like to qualify with a Major in English, you will need to continue with each of the four courses listed below.

World Literatures and English (LANG 3030)

  • Specialisation in key texts in English literature
  • Influence of World literatures on English
  • Contemporary World literature in English
  • Literature Review, Literary Analysis, Research Report Writing
  • This course is also a third-year course for students enrolled in the English and Creative Writing Major
  • Useful for future teachers and students wishing to continue to an Honours degree in English

Language ideology and policy (LANG 3039)

  • Theory & practice of language policy & planning
  • Who, what, why & how language policy is influenced
  • Ideology & power relations in language policy & planning
  • Applying language policy & planning in career options
  • Course also offered to Linguistics students

Multilingualism: contact, change and mobility (LANG 3038)

  • How language changes when people with different languages come into contact
  • Consequences of migration, social media & digital mobility on multilingualism in society
  • Understanding and working in bilingual & multilingual societies
  • Multilingualism: past, present, future
  • Course also offered to Linguistics students

Language learning and assessment (LANG 3037)

  • Language learning theory and practice
  • Language learning and teaching
  • Language learning and assessment
  • Specialisation in English
  • Useful for future teachers
  • Course also offered to Applied Linguistics students

For information regarding Level 3 (Advanced) courses in English to complete a Sub-major or Major in the Bachelor of Arts degree, please contact Assoc. Professor Kathleen Heugh: Kathleen.heugh@unisa.edu.au