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April 30 - 30 June 2020

In a time where a week feels like a month and news changes daily, it’s hard to know where you’re at. Things are a strange mix of normal and different and nothing really makes much sense. We feel that, and we want to help.  

LIFE INTERRUPTED is an online exhibition that will grow with time, with iterations from our previous exhibitions, as well as new ideas and creationsIt’s made up of things to help you feel prepared, like Bad News Game which helps to immunise you against fake news. It has things to feel connected, like a community-built, lush virtual garden in Minecraft. And there are things to distract you, like soundscapes meditating on place by Adelaide-based musicians and artists.  

Over the coming weeks or months, keep checking in. There will be exhibits to contribute to, new things to see, and programming to engage with. We’re right here by your side to hang out and be connected in this new normal. 

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