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  • Translucent Shadows
  • Uncomfortably numb
  • Unmaking Waste
  • Mean Sea Levels
  • Apocalyptic Shadows
  • CACSA Contemporary 2015
  • AAD Expo
  • Re imagining the mother
  • Kapi Ungkupayi/He gave us water
  • Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) Exhibition 2015


Translucent Shadows

Artists: Gabriella Bisetto, Christopher Boha, Wendy Fairclough, Jessica Loughlin & Kirstie Rea

Curators: Ursula Halpin & Amalia Ranisau

Exhibition Launch:
6pm Wednesday 11 February 2015

Exhibition Open:
Tuesday 10 February - Friday 13 March 2015


This exhibition will explore the phenomena of shadows in relation to the translucent qualities of glass, reflection and refraction.

Partners: Ausglass Conference 2015
Adelaide Fringe Festival 2015


Uncomfortably numb

Artist: David Archer

Exhibition Launch:
6pm Wednesday 25 March 2015


Exhibition Open:
Tuesday 24 March - Friday 24 April 2015

Archers Arcadia Exhibition
Roll up, roll up, Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, its show time as David Archer presents his intriguing artworks, sensational sideshows and amazing interactive spectacles.

Inspired in the tradition of Victorian and Edwardian amusements from seaside piers, circuses or travelling carnivals, Archer’s work provides an escape into fantasy and bestows a humorous insight into the human condition.

Pull handles, wind cranks or push levers to bring these artworks to life. Dare to gaze into peepholes and be drawn into magical dioramas. Experience the Mirror of Truth, or have your fortune told by a fallen Angel!

Roll up, roll up!


Unmaking Waste

Artists/Designers: Charles Anderson, Singh Intrachooto, Guy Keulemans, Mandi King, Kirsty Máté, John Quan, Kerstin Thompson, Peter Walker, Stuart Walker and Andrew Whittaker

Exhibition launch:
6pm Thursday 21 May 2015

Exhibition open:
Tuesday 5 - Friday 29 May 2015

While much effort has gone into researching and implementing successful technical strategies for reducing waste and emissions, accelerating rates of consumption are undermining these efforts.
It is clear that we need new systems-based approaches to reduce this excess consumption, including the excesses of our ‘waste-making’, to generate a more sustainable circular economy.

Patners: Zero Waste SA Research Centre for Sustainable Design and Behaviour.
Transforming Production and Consumption in Time and Place Conference, 21-24 May, Adelaide.


Postgraduate season

Mean Sea Levels

Artist: Brad Lay

Exhibition Launch:
6pm Wednesday 10 June 205

Exhibition open:
Tuesday 9 - Friday 12 June 2015

Focusing on the ocean, this exhibition presents a contemporary interpretation of the sublime.



Postgraduate season

Apocalyptic Shadows

Artist: Michael Carney

Exhibition Launch:
6pm Wednesday 24 June 2015

Exhibition open:
Monday 22 - Friday 26 June 2015

This exhibition contemplates ecclesiastical, historical and postmodern concepts of the apocalypse.



CACSA Contemporary 2015

Artists: Roy Ananda, Matthew Bradley, Sundari Carmody, Marcin Kobylecki & Michelle Nikou

Gallery floor talk:
5pm Thursday 6 August 2015 @ the SASA GALLERY

Exhibition launch:
6pm Thursday 6 August 2015 @ the Kerry Packer Civic Gallery

* Please note two separate venues.

Exhibition open:
Tuesday 7 July - Tuesday 11 August 2015

A survey of contemporary South Australian art presented by the Contemporary Art Centre of SA.
This exhibition will span multiple venues across the Adelaide CBD.

Partners: CACSA
SALA Festival



AAD Expo

Design & Construction
Industrial Design
Interior Architecture
Sustainable Design
Visual Art
Visual Communication Design

Open Day Launch:
Sunday 16 August 2015

Exhibition open: 
Sunday 16 - Thursday 20 August 2015

 Art, Architecture & Design Expo - UniSA Open Day

Postgraduate season 

Re imagining the mother

Artist: Simone Kennedy

Exhibition Launch:
6pm Wednesday 2 September 2015

Exhibition open:
Monday 31 August - Friday 11 September 2015

This exhibition presents the reconstruction of an 'imagined' mother that interprets expressions of loss, joy, ambivalence and horror. 


Roma Peterman Butler

Kapi Ungkupayi/He gave us water

Artists: Roma Peterman Butler, Ivy Laidlaw, Jennifer Mitchell, Tjawina Roberts and Tjayanka Woods

Curators: Mary Knights & Claire Wildish

Gallery Floor Talk:
4.30 - 5.30pm Wednesday 7 October 2015

Exhibition launch:
5.30 pm Wednesday 7 October 2015

Official launch:
6pm Thursday 8 October 2015
Festival of Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art at the Art Gallery of South Australia

Exhibition open:
Tuesday 22 September - Friday 13 November 2015

We have an important story to tell. It is a new tjukurpa (dreaming story). It is a story about our culture, our faith and our relationship with our land. This is not a story that our grandmothers or grandfathers told us. This is our story - Kapi Ungkupayi. It happened to us.


Kapi Ungkupayi is an installation of new work by five contemporary Pitjantjatara artists living in the very remote Indigenous community of Irrunytju and Papulangkutja near the tri-state border of SA, WA and NT.

Partners: Art Gallery of South Australia - 2015 Festival of Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art (8-18 October). Minyma Kutjara Arts Project. 


Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) Exhibition 2015

Delana Carbone, Amelia Castellucci, Steven Cybulka,
Alex Degaris-Boot, Elizabeth Evans, Ashley Hayes,
Simon Laube, Alexandra Perisic, Samantha Porter, Sonya Unwin

Exhibition launch:
Wednesday 9 December 2015

Exhibition open: 
Tuesday 8 - Thursday 17 December 2015

This is one of a cluster of exhibitions that celebrates the work of students graduating in 2015 with degrees from Art, Architecture and Design, University of South Australia.