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Experience the stars and planets at Adelaides only Planetarium!

A planetarium is a room with a dome-shaped ceiling on which the nights sky is displayed through a star projector. The Adelaide Planetarium houses a Zeiss Jena ZPK1 star projector that displays an artificial night sky onto the eight-metre diameter domed ceiling and can show the position of constellations, stars and planets. The projector displays the relative position and brightness of about 5,000 stars that are visible from the Southern Hemisphere.

The Adelaide Planetarium is housed at the University of South Australia's Mawson Lakes campus on the second floor of Building P. This completely air-conditioned dome seats 45 people in our new specially designed chairs allowing the audience to view all parts of the artificial sky in ease and comfort.

2017 is the 45th anniversary of the Planetarium, come and see the Southern Hemisphere night sky brilliantly recreated. An impressive 5,000 stars are projected onto our eight-metre diameter dome ceiling.

Presentations at the Planetarium - The Night's Sky

The Night's Sky presentation spans 50 minutes - 1 hour and involves an Astronomy Educator giving a live presentation about the solar system, stars and constellations and other interesting celestial objects found in the night's sky. Unlike other planetariums that simply project a movie onto the dome, the Adelaide Planetarium gives visitors the unique experience of a guided tour provided by a highly qualified presenter, who takes you on a journey into outer space. 

You'll learn about the origins of star and constellation names, utilising indigenous as well as traditional star lore and mythology.  

Night Sky presentations give an insight into the splendour of universe whilst being informative and educational. Visitors are encouraged to ask questions throughout the presentation allowing a large degree of involvement. Our presenters will also tailor the presentation to suit the audience so whether you are five or 85, there is something for everyone at the Adelaide Planetarium.


The Planetarium Advantage

The planetarium offers many advantages over star gazing outdoors. Outdoor observers must contend with the cold, cloud cover, unwanted light from streetlights, the moon and the city glow in general.  In the air conditioned dome at the Adelaide Planetarium the audience can view all parts of the replica sky with comparative ease.

Offering great entertainment for the whole family, our knowledgeable Planetarium presenters guide you through concepts such as:

  • Common easily distinguished southern hemisphere constellations
  • Common and useful stars and planets
  • Finding directions by the stars
  • Positions of the stars at different times of the year
  • The Milky Way and the centre of our galaxy
  • Effect of city glow on observations
  • Planets and the ecliptic

All shows are by booking only and include School Holiday Sessions, School Excursions, Special Occasions, Group Bookings and Saturday Viewing Sessions.

The planetarium also offers a range of special events and courses open to the public with an interest in astronomy and range from beginner to advanced.

Please note:  The images within this site are provided as information and insight into what can be viewed in space not necessarily viewed within the Planetarium.

  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the session commencing to be seated comfortably and to avoid disappointment as entry into the Planetarium is NOT permitted once the session has started for safety reasons.
  • All children must be accompanied by an adult.
  • No food or drink is permitted in the Planetarium.
  • Prams are not permitted in the Planetarium.
  • All sessions require a minimum number of bookings to go ahead.


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