The Earth Wins

The Earth Wins

THE EARTH WINS is a Helifilms production that pays tribute to the wonders of the earth. Filmed over seven years, the film is shot entirely in the air over four continents. The film explores the balance between earth and man, and the impacts of man's actions on the Earth's inhabitants. THE EARTH WINS provides a stunning cinematic experience that encourages viewers to think about our interpendence with the earth, contemplate important environmental and ethical questions, and reflect on our responsibility as citizens. The film is accompanied by a world-class soundtrack with songs from international artists such as Coldplay, New Order, The Temper Trap, The Art of Fusions,Yothu Yindi and composer Sean Van Doornum.

Helifilms is a production company that specialized in High Definition aerial filming and has won numerous accolades, including Emmy and BAFTA awards for their work on BBC and National Geographic films. acclaimed Aerial Director, Jerry Grayson, Oscar-nominated Cinematographer Skip Margetts, and award-winning Cinematographers Warwick Field and Michael Parker. 

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"unusual and inspiring" - Kim Cavendish, Giant Screen Cinema Association President, USA)

"...the revelation of a beautiful fim" - Laurent Dondey, President of Euromax, Paris)

"... very humane and touching" - Kai Santavuouri, Planetarium Manager, Finnish Science Centre

"... both unique and astonishing - I've never seen anything remotely like THE EARTH WINS" - Quad City Times

Film duration: 40mins

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THE EARTH WINS addresses climate change, poverty and natural disasters, amongst other topical issues and has a number of embedded messages aimed at young teenagers on a wide range of subjects.

In support of this Helifilms has created a comprehensive educators guide, which you can view on their website.

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