As Australia’s closest neighbor and the the world’s 15th largest economy, Indonesia is an important Southeast Asian link for UniSA; educationally and culturally. UniSA has significant relationships with Indonesian Government departments who provide scholarships for students, and our schools and research centres collaborate with a range of Indonesian institutions around joint research and student mobility.

The increasing availability of scholarships from government departments, telecommunication companies and banks is providing a range of opportunities for more Indonesians to pursue higher degree studies overseas.  Of the 17,000 Indonesian students in Australia, 40% are financially supported by various third parties for study and living costs.  There are opportunities emerging to host Indonesian university staff for their PhD studies, as the Indonesian Government has a focus on academic staff upgrading qualifications and skills. There are about 220,000 academic staff engaged in teaching at various Universities around the country of which only about 15 % have higher degrees. 

Modern Indonesia has a growing economy; a young and dynamic population; and a diverse, democratic and social media–savvy culture. 44% of Indonesians are under 25 years of age. Indonesia is a global leader in social media. It hasmore Facebook and Twitter users than the population of Australia and Jakarta is the most active city for Twitter in the world

Indonesia has a multi-ethnic and multi-faith constitution. There are six official religions and more than 85 per cent of Indonesians are Muslim.

University of South Australia's activity in Indonesia

UniSA has developed key multi-faceted collaborative relationships with universities in Indonesia, aimed at addressing challenges in research and society and enabling the exchange of staff and students: o Universitas Indonesia o Universitas Gadjah Mada o Telkom University o Universitas Padjadjaran.

In 2015-16, the UniSA School of Information Technology and Mathematical Sciences delivered a customised version of the Graduate Certificate in Data Science to senior public servants from Indonesia as part of the Australian Government’s international development program. The Graduate Certificate program saw 25 of Indonesia’s senior public servants from key departments study data analysis at UniSA to build skills to ensure the highest possible policy evaluation standards in their departments. 

UniSA is a party to the 2016 Australian Technology Network of universities (ATN) Memorandum of Understanding with Indonesia’s Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA) to provide students with opportunities to further their academic and professional careers across ATN universities. The ATN has also partnered with MoRA for the launch of the MoRA-ATN Research and Innovation Scheme (MoARIS), aimed at providing Indonesian students with the opportunity to pursue their doctoral research studies at an ATN university such as UniSA. 

In 2016, the ATN signed an agreement with the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia (Ristekdikti) to support collaboration on research student and staff exchanges, and provide education and research programs to Ristekdikti scholarship recipients.

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Student mobility

While Indonesia is an important student market for Australia, overall numbers of Indonesian students coming to Australia to study are relatively small, and very few Australian students take up courses in Indonesia.  The New Colombo Plan has a strong focus on Indonesia as an obvious ‘rite of passage’ country for young Australian tertiary students to develop their Asia literacy through exchange, internships and short programs.

University of South Australia students can study Indonesian language cross-institutionally through Flinders University.  UniSA has also joined ACICIS (Australian Consortium for In-Country Indonesian Studies) to facilitate sending students to Indonesia for study and cultural experiences – the Consortium includes 18 Australian universities:
and UniSA has won funding to support student practicums in Business Studies and study tour opportunities for Health Science students.  New Colombo Plan funding has also been received to support Education (TESOL) students undertaking a study tour in conjunction with Universitas Indonesia. An Architecture study tour is being developed with links in Banda Aceh and supported by New Colombo Plan funds.

UniSA recently delivered an Australia Awards Indonesia funded Graduate Diploma to a group of high profile Indonesian government officials in the area of Data Science.


UNPAD - Padjadjaran University   

An MOU was signed with Padjadjaran University (UNPAD) in May, 2014 to support academic and research collaboration during a visit by the DVC I&A and the Director of the Centre for Asian Business.  Joint research is proposed around SMEs with the Centre for Asian Business.

Institute of Technology Bandung   

UniSA has had a collaborative relationship with ITB’s Business School for many years. This cooperation has expanded the Faculty of Engineering and a study tour of UniSA engineering students is proposed for 2015. ITB will host and place their students to participate in the program, following the signing of an MOU in January 2014.  ITB is a highly respected engineering university in Indonesia.  Agreement was reached to hold workshops in 2014 in selected areas to explore research collaboration following the exchange of staff/research information. 

University Muhammadiyah Malang   

UMM is part of the Muhammadiyah organization, an educational and philanthropic group and the second largest Islamic organization in Indonesia with 29 million members.  Muhammadiyah operates more than 20 universities around Indonesia of which UMM is one of the largest.  Established in 1965, UMM is a comprehensive university with programs spanning Life Sciences (including medicine), Humanities, Engineering and Social Sciences.  UniSA has an established relationship with UMM primarily through the Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences. 

Universitas Brawijaya   

Universitas Brawijaya (UB) is a well-ranked public university with a comprehensive offering of programs from bachelor to doctor level.  It is one of the largest Universities in Indonesia with some 60,000 students studying in the campuses.  The university was established in 1963. Dual award programs in undergraduate engineering are under discussion.

University Gadja Mada   

An MOU was signed in 2015 between the University of Gadja Mada and UniSA with academic co-operation proposed in the Division of Education, Arts and Social Science.

Telkom University   

In December 2013 an MOU was signed with Telkom University to enable Telkom staff to pursue PhD's at UniSA under sponsorship. Telkom University is a new university on a rapid development trajectory.

Airlangga University (UNAIR)   

Airlangga University  (UNAIR) is a credit arrangement partner with an agreement signed in 2012.

Areas of study and research

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