Indigenous Content in STEM

Maths Symposium

Embedding Indigenous perspectives into Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics curricula has attracted much media attention in the last 12 months - both good and bad.

Warren Mundine, Chair of the Prime Minister's Indigenous Advisory Council, has recently questioned the role of promoting Indigenous perspectives into science and maths-orientated university subjects.

In a recent article in The Australian, Mr Mundine was cited as saying:

What is Indigenous physics?  Physics is physics.  If we are to compete in the job market, we must learn technology and engineering...the idea that you have to have an Indigenous perspective, to be frank, is silly.  The sciences and maths should be taught properly.   I want to see Australian kids learning about Indigenous kinship systems,not paying lip service to Indigenous culture while learning addition and subtraction."  (Karvelas, The Australian, 2014).

Missed the Symposium? Watch it here.

The symposium was held on Tuesday, 26th August 2014 at the Mawson Lakes Campus, University of South Australia, where our panel explored the question of Indigenous Content in STEM.

Our panel of academics:

Facilitators:  Mr Mark Osborne and Dr Lesley Ward

The Indigenous Content in STEM Symposium is jointly supported by UniSA Chancellery; IT, Engineering and the Environment, the David Unaipon College of Indigenous Education and Research and UniSA College.

Organisers:  Ms Andrea Duff, Dr Lalita McHenry, Ms Petra Nisi, Ms Sue Tyerman, Dr Lesley Ward

Areas of study and research

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