Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

What is PASS?

The Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) program is an accredited academic assistance program designed to assist students with their understanding of the course content and performance in the course.

The PASS program is based on Supplemental Instruction (SI) developed at the University of Missouri in the United States and is used extensively in Universities across Australia.

PASS Sessions:

  • are facilitated by students who have excelled in particular courses
  • assist with your understanding of course content and improve study habits
  • gives students the chance to meet in a relaxed and informal environment to discuss concepts and develop academic skills for ongoing learning and success
  • are absolutely FREE! - check the timetable and attend any session!

How is PASS Beneficial to students?

Research shows that attending PASS benefits students because:

  1. PASS is proactive and participatory.
  2. Improves grades by 12-15% for students who attend regularly (6-8 times a semester).
  3. PASS provides peer collaborative learning experiences
  4. PASS makes effective use of study time; one hour of PASS equates to approximately 3 to 4 hours of independent study.
  5. PASS provides an opportunity for students to develop relationships with fellow students.

Study Period 2 Timetable 2018

The timetable for SP2 is now live! See below for the most current session times. Sessions times may change throughout the semester so please check back often.

Interested in Becoming a PASS Leader?

Expressions of Interest for ITMS PASS Leader Positions in SP2 2018 have now closed.

Further Information

Please refer all questions to Emily Sellar, Accredited PASS Coordinator, School of ITMS, 

Areas of study and research

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