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The transformation of global airports

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Global Airports Project

How are people using airports in new and creative ways?

What kinds of needs and desires do airport users look for?

How are airports changing to accommodate different air travellers?

What kinds of lifestyle changes are occurring within global airports?

Airports are undergoing significant transformations as a result of the global economy, and at the level of the individual consumer. Using innovative mobile methods to capture and examine what is happening at and within airport spaces, the Life in the Sky project seeks to understand what some of these transformations are.

Led by Prof Anthony Elliott, Hawke Research Institute, and Distinguished Professor John Urry from Lancaster University, Life in the Sky is an Australian Research Council Discovery Project investigating international work-related travel, global airports and transnational networks, and aiming to provide new insights into the innovation, shape and boundaries of mobile lifestyles within airport spaces. The ARC has awarded the research team $150,000 from 2012 to 2014.

Taking the view that global airports are a laboratory of rich information about global life in the twenty-first century, this project involves two interrelated objectives:

  1. theoretical research investigating the potential significance of travel time use for people travelling internationally by air for the purposes of work and the building of professional networks and 'network capital'
  2. strategic reseach, both qualitative and quantitative, exploring the global network of airline flows and specifically the production of mobile lives and network capital as linked to global airports across Australia, Asia, Europe and North America.

The project outcomes will potentially impact upon social policy in transport, education and lifestyle change by providing new knowledge about business innovation in the global electronic economy.

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