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You can become a citizen scientist, exploring the natural environment and helping with scientific research.

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Citizen ScienceCitizen science projects provide fun and educational opportunities for the public to contribute to scientific research. Hands-on activities, like recording wildlife sightings, are the basis of citizen science projects. Additionally, projects can tackle how we relate to and manage local environments, from our gardens to nature reserves, and the plants and animals we share these places with.

Our previous projects have focussed on local wildlife in South Australia, like koalas, possums, magpies and bluetongue lizards. These projects helped us to understand how people feel about and interact with local wildlife. You can find out more about our previous work by clicking here.

We are currently developing new projects to start running in 2014. We will begin by consulting the public, asking South Australians to let us know about local places and species you value or hold concerns for. To stay informed about our program, so you don’t miss opportunities to participate, please register your interest here.

Our new program is called “Creating Biophilic Cities through Citizen Science”. To read more about “biophilia” and citizen science, please read this online article by Philip Roetman.

For more information, please contact Philip Roetman.

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