Master of Sustainable Design

(DMSU, Satac Code: 4CM011)

The Sustainable Design Masters program is intended for any graduate of a design or art related field of expertise. This includes architects, interior architects, industrial designers, urban planners, landscape architects and related fine art disciplines. It is specifically aimed at those who wish to develop an expertise in sustainable design. The course builds upon students’ existing disciplinary knowledge, examining, reviewing and developing progressive, collaborative approaches to design within ever-changing social, environmental and economic contexts.

Fioji Canoe Project

Students at the Coorong


Professional study: the Graduate Diploma

The Graduate Diploma of Sustainable Design is a trans-disciplinary postgraduate coursework program, which can be undertaken part-time or taken full-time over one year. The program combines theory-based courses with design studio projects, exploring multi-disciplinary design challenges grounded in both current and future contexts. Specialist electives can be taken from a range of schools across the University enabling students to further develop their individual knowledge and expertise.

The Master of Sustainable Design builds upon the structure of the Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Design, with an additional year of full-time study focused on individual research and design projects. The Master of Sustainable Design can also be taken alongside the professional-entry program, the Master of Architecture, as a double degree.

Entry to PhD program

The Master of Sustainable Design contains a recognized research component, providing a direct pathway towards a PhD in the field of sustainable design. Supervision and teaching within the Masters is led by staff who are closely associated with the Zero Waste SA Research Centre for Sustainable Design and Behaviour and its various research activities.

The teaching team are also closely involved with various projects associated with DESIS, an international association of leading design schools and researchers involved in sustainable design education and social innovation, which has a ‘lab’ here at UniSA.

Projects in social innovation research are set as part of the studio teaching in the Masters program, giving every student the opportunity to engage with design research that is both collaborative and relevant in the broader community context.

Areas of study and research

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