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The Zero Waste SA Research Centre for Sustainable Design and Behaviour (sd+b) came into being in 2009, after UniSA entered into a major collaborative initiative with the government agency Zero Waste SA

The Centre has since been working on a series of significant collaborative, multi-disciplinary research projects, focusing on waste reduction and consumption, low carbon living and behaviour change, and design-led approaches to more sustainable cities, including infrastructure, buildings and precincts.

In response to what are clearly cross-disciplinary and global problems, our research projects are collaborative and multi-disciplinary, involving researchers from different disciplines, including architecture, engineering, design, environmental science, history and psychology.

Our research focuses on influencing and informing public policy in environmental sustainability, design, urban planning and architecture. We also seek to assist communities, both locally and globally, to build better societies.

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PhD candidates make a significant contribution to the Centre’s research efforts, and gain vital experience in collaborative research in one or more of the Centre’s priority areas. Scholarships offered by the Centre allow us to provide extra support to students.

The Master of Sustainable Design program, which staff from the sd+b Centre teach in, provides an additional multi-disciplinary pathway towards our PhD program for design professionals interested in research in sustainable design

Areas of study and research

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