Pharmaceuticals research


With world-class expertise and access to state-of-the-art facilities, our researchers are developing advanced therapeutics, designing targeted delivery systems to help us get the maximum benefit from our medicines, and implementing strategies to ensure and improve the safety and efficacy of medications, in support of improved health outcomes.


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Areas of strength

  • Targeted drug delivery
  • Advances in therapeutics
  • Improving therapeutic use and outcomes
  • Medicine safety

Pharmaceuticals Research

Pharmaceuticals research

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Pharmaceuticals research groups

Drugs of Dependence research group

Drugs of Dependence

Professor Jason White
Looking at the consequences of the long-term use of drugs of dependence and developing innovative strategies to treat pain and stop addiction.


Centre for Pharmaceutical Innovation and Development

Centre for Pharmaceutical Innovation and Development

Professor Sanjay Garg
The centre is a unique collaboration with a mission to achieve excellence in translational research and training involving drug development and delivery.


Therapeutics and Pharmaceutical Science research group

Therapeutics and Pharmaceutical Science

Professor Michael Roberts
Involved in a wide range of projects aimed at treating disease and optimising health.



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Areas of study and research

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