Honours Information


Students wishing to undertake an honours project and coursework with the PBRC can enrol in the Bachelor of Applied Science (Honours) (Industrial and Applied Mathematics) LHMS and undertake the following units:

First Semester (Study Period 1, 2 or 3)                                                  

Honours Mathematical Studies 1              MATH 1004         12                          

Honours Mathematics Project 1               MATH 1006         6                             

Second Semester (Study Period 4, 5 or 6)                                                            

Honours Mathematical Studies 2              MATH 1005         12                          

Honours Mathematics Project 2               MATH 1007         6                             


For each of the courses, Honours Mathematical Studies 1 and 2, students need to choose 3 topics from the course offerings listed below. Please note that all course offerings listed here have not been finalised and may be subject to minimum enrolments or be offered as reading courses.

Tentative topics available from the PBRC could include:

  • Image Processing & Computer Vision – SP2 or SP5
  • Machine Learning – SP2 or SP5
  • Advanced Mathematical Methods – SP2

Topics available via the access grid

Past offerings have included:

  • PDE Models in Mathematical Biology, Statistical Consulting, Advanced Data Analysis, Complex Networks, Discrete Optimization, Macroscopic Dynamics for Complex Systems, and others.

Honours computing subjects

Two courses that may be of interest are:

  • COMP 4008 Data and Web Mining – SP2
  • COMP 4015 Computer Graphics – SP5

View full listing here

Possible 3rd year mathematics subjects

These include:

  • Math 3009 Optimisation – SP2   
  • Math 2012 Statistical Inference – SP2
  • Math 3018/5032 Financial Time Series – SP5
  • Math 3030/5036 Multivariate Statistical Analysis – SP5  


Current research projects of the centre are listed here and students can work on one of these or discuss alternatives with one of our research staff.

Honours Supervisors at the PBRC available to supervise student projects include:

  • Professor Stan Miklavcic  - Mathematical modelling, plant biophysics, colloid science, partial differential equations, boundary value problems
  • Dr Bronwyn Hajek - Fluid dynamics, heat and mass transport, physical chemistry, biological modelling
  • Dr Jinhai Cai - Image processing, time series, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, machine learning
  • Dr Zohaib Khan - Image processing, computer vision, hyperspectral Imaging, phenotyping
  • Dr Pankaj Kumar - Image processing, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, machine learning
  • Dr Zhi Lu - Image processing, deep learning, computer vision, pattern recognition


Many scholarships are available, with values ranging from around $5,000 up to $10,000. See the Scholarships under honours on the future students page here and contact us for more information and closing dates.

Contact and application information

Application is through the SATAC website here.  

Interested students should contact the Director, Professor Stan Miklavcic, or the supervisor whom they are interested in working with to negotiate a project that fits with the student’s background and interests.

Areas of study and research

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