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Stan Miklavcic

Professor Stan Miklavcic
BSc (Hons) New South Wales, PhD Australian National University


Dr Bronwyn Hajek
Deputy Director
BSc Adelaide, MEnvSc (Hons), PhD Wollongong

Jinhai Cai

Dr Jinhai Cai
Senior Research Fellow
BSc, MSc Hangzhou, PhD Melbourne

Pankaj Kumar 

Dr Pankaj Kumar
Research Fellow
BTech Indian Institute of Technology, MEng, PhD National University of Singapore


Dr Zohaib Khan

Research Associate: Image Processing
PhD University of Western Australia


Dr Zhi Lu

Research Associate: Image Processing
MSc, PhD City University of Hong Kong

Josh Chopin

Dr Josh Chopin
Research Assistant
BSc (Mathematics), Honours, PhD University of South Australia

Kylie Foster

Mrs Kylie Foster
Research Assistant

Mr Ross Frick

Mr Ross Frick
BSc Adelaide, MSc Sheffield

Adjunct and Visiting Staff


Professor Lee White
Adjunct Professor
BSc (Hons) Queensland, PhD Australian National University


A/Professor Desmond Lun
Adjunct Associate Professor
BSc, BEng (Hons) Melbourne, SM, PhD MIT

Chris Brien

Dr Chris Brien
Adjunct Senior Lecturer
BScAgr Sydney, MAgrSc, PhD Adelaide


Dr Mahmood Golzarian
Adjunct Research Fellow
BSc Ferdowski, MSc Tehran, PhD South Australia


Dr Jason Connor
Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
BAppSc(Hons) Central Queensland PhD South Australia



Mr Ulrich Eck
PhD Student
Supervisors: Dr Hamid Laga, Professor Stan Miklavcic, A/Professor Christian Sandor

Kylie Foster

Mrs Kylie Foster
PhD Student
Supervisors: Professor Stan Miklavcic, Dr Stuart Roy


Mr Nazmul Islam
PhD Student
Supervisors: Dr Bronwyn Hajek, Professor Lee White, Professor Stan Miklavcic


Ms Catherine Fung
PhD Student
Supervisors: Professor Stan Miklavcic, Dr Jason Connor, A/Professor Rossen Sedev


Mr George Daniels
PhD Student
Supervisors: Professor Stan Miklavcic, Professor Lee White

Associate Members

Dr Ivan Lee
Senior Lecturer
BEng, MCom, MEng, PhD Sydney

Alumni and former members

Dr Hamid Laga, Former Senior Research Fellow, now Associate Professor at Murdoch University
Ms Kate Dowling, Former Research Associate
Mr Mathieu Baes, Former Molecular Technician
Mrs Rishi Gupta, Former Transformation Technician
Dr Nady Harris, Former Transformation Technician
Mr Juan Carlos Sanchez Ferrero, Former Bioinformatics Technician
Mr Bogdan Masznicz, Former PhD Student, now Project Manager at IBM
Dr Abdullatif Lacina Diaby
, Former PhD Student, now Research Assistant at University of South Australia
Dr Angus Wallace, Former Research Fellow
Mr Martin Nguyen, Former Research Assistant
Miss Erika Belchamber, Former Vacation Scholar, now Student at University of South Australia
Miss Stephanie Mills, Former Vacation Scholar, now Student at University of South Australia
Mr Jordan Schultz, Former Vacation Scholar at University of South Australia
Mr Sean Goodger, Former Vacation Scholar, now Student at University of Adelaide
Mr Liam Banks, Former Vacation Scholar, now Student at University of Adelaide
Dr Dale Ward, Former PhD Student/Research Fellow, now Research Fellow at Flinders University
Dr Galyna Safonova, Former Research Associate
Ms Marcela Cespedes, Former Honours Student, now PhD Student at Queensland University of Technology
Dr Huwaida Rabie, Former Research Fellow, now Assistant Professor at Bethlehem University
Mr Felix Jones, Former Vacation Scholar, now Student at University of Adelaide
Dr Mahmood Golzarian, Former Post-doc, now Lecturer at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad
Dr Penny Sanchez, Former Lecturer, now Statistician at Telstra
Mrs Zahra Shoaei, former Technician, now at Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics
Mrs Zeinab Hajiabolhasani, former Research Assistant, now at University of South Australia
Dr Bao Lam Huynh, former Post-doc, now at University of California, Riverside
Mr Brendan Fong, former Vacation Scholar, now PhD Student at Oxford University
Dr Juergen Zanghellini, former Post-doc, now Junior group leader at the Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology
A/Professor Desmond Lun, former Director, now Associate Professor at Rutgers University
Dr Neil Donoghue, former Post-doc
Mr Jooyeum Lee, former Vacation Scholar 
Dr Andrew Jacobs, former Senior Research Fellow
Ms Janine Jones, former Research Associate
Mr Lacina Diaby, former PhD student, now lecturer at University of Mines and Technology, Ghana
Ms Christine Kastner, former Research Associate
A/Professor Qiongyan Li, former visiting Associate Professor
Dr Kuhn Ip, former PhD Student
Mr Peter Weir, former PhD Student

Areas of study and research

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