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Are you looking for a future in the minerals and materials processing, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, specialty manufacturing or related industries? Then studying at the Ian Wark Research Institute could be a great step up in your career.

Our students work on projects that make a difference; delivering solutions to real-world problems facing industry or delving into some of the fundamental questions of science. Students have access to state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, and work with leading researchers from around the globe.

Research degree students

The Wark offers four PhD and Masters Degree by Research programs in Applied Science and Engineering.

Scholarships are available on a competitive basis.

Testimonials from Wark graduates.

Wark publications.

To find a research topic of interest to you, look at our list of postgraduate projects, browse through our research themes or scan through the interests of our research staff. Feel free to contact the appropriate staff member to discuss your interests, or make a general enquiry by contacting Louise Jennings.

If you are interested in a research degree at The Wark we invite you to fill out our student enquiry form. This is not a formal application, but enables us to provide you with a quick estimate of your suitability for a research degree with us, and whether you might be successful obtaining a scholarship.

Make sure you visit the Research degrees section of the UniSA website to learn all you need to know about getting started with your PhD or Masters program.

Bachelor of science (Honours) (nano- and bio-materials)

Our Honours Program in Nano- and Bio-materials includes:

  • Lectures and workshops on research methods
  • Advanced courses in a range of relevant topics
  • A research project, making up 50% of the year’s effort. The research project is conducted within the world-class laboratories of The Wark, with each project supervised and supported by an individual researcher.

Entry to the Honours program is based on a strong record in a BSc, BEng or similar undergraduate degree with a specialisation in the chemical, physical, materials, biological, pharmaceutical or related sciences. A scholarship of AU$10,000 will be offered to the best applicants. A good result in the Honours program will qualify you for direct entry into one of The Wark’s PhD programs. 

For further information contact Louise Jennings.

Vacation projects and scholarships  

Undergraduate students who have completed at least one year of study have the opportunity to participate in a two-month research project at The Wark through our vacation scholarships.

International visiting students

Students from overseas are able to undertake a six to twelve month research project at The Wark through the International Visiting Student Trainseeship Program.

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  • Explore scholarships

    Explore scholarships

    Discover the range of scholarships designed to support the best and brightest minds at The Wark.

    Scholarships at The Wark

  • Interested in a research degree?

    Interested in a research degree?

    Express your interest in a research degree at The Wark by filling in our student enquiry form.

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  • Enquire about honours

    Enquire about honours

    Get in touch to find out more about how you can benefit from an Honours Degree at The Wark.

    Contact Louise Jennings

  • International student traineeship

    International visiting student traineeship

    Explore the traineeships offered for students from overseas universities to undertake a research project in The Wark.

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