Our Researchers

Professor Shudong Wang
Professor: Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery


Associate Professor Bob Milne
Research Fellow: Pharmacology and Drug Evaluation

Dr Hugo Albrecht
Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Science


Dr Matt Sykes
Program DIrector: Pharmaceutical Science


Dr Mingfeng Yu
Postdoctoral Research Fellow: Medicinal Chemistry


Dr Qinyong Mao
Research Associate: Medicinal Chemistry


Dr Sarah Al Haj Diab

Research Associate: Medicial Chemistry


Dr Aleks Ochnik

Research Fellow: Cell Biology


Dr Manjun Li

Research Associate: Cell Biology


Mr Gary Heinemann

Research Associate: Pharmacology and Drug Evaluation


Mr Ben Noll
Senior Technical Officer: Medicinal Chemistry


Dr Susan Semple

Senior Research Fellow: Quality Use of Medicines and Pharmacy Research Centre

Centre for Drug Discovery and Development

Centre for Drug Discovery and Development

While a new drug usually takes more than 10 years in development before reaching shelves, the Centre for Drug Discovery and Development is working to speed up this process and make new medicines available sooner as part of a major investment in research talent and facilities at the University of South Australia.


Our research

Centre for Drug Discovery and Development: Discovery and development of new drugs and cancer therapies (lead: Prof Shudong Wang). The research programs in Professor Shudong Wang’s group are directed towards the discovery and development of new cancer therapies. A multidisciplinary approach is used for this, where structure-guided and target driven methods are employed in an effort to identify drug candidates and novel therapeutic targets. The blend of extensive capabilities in cutting-edge computational drug design, medicinal chemistry, cellular and animal pharmacology, and toxicology in the single cohesive research centre holds the promise for rapid advancement of drug discovery and development.

Ethnobotanical research for the discovery of new medicines from Aboriginal Australia and native plants (lead: Dr Susan Semple)

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Our capabilities

  • Computational structure-based and ligand-based drug design (High performance computers, Industry-standard software, etc.)
  • Advanced synthetic and medicinal chemistry (Microwave reactors, Purification systems, HPLC, LC/MS/MS, 500MHz 1D and 2D NMR, etc)
  • Target-driven biochemical and cell-based assays (Multi-mode reader, Flow cytometer, Auto-western blotting system, etc.)
  • ADME/Tox and pharmacology
  • Pre-clinical evaluation (state of the art animal facilities, multiple human cancer xenograft models, etc.)

Research Students

The Centre for Drug Discovery and Development has several research students working on projects as a part of their studies with the University of South Australia.

Students interested in undertaking research with the Centre for Drug Discovery and Development should check the Division of Health Sciences research section for information on how to apply.

Research and Services

Equipment enquiries
Mr Ben Noll
t: +61 8 8302 21601
e: ben.noll@unisa.edu.au

Research collaboration enquiries
Professor Shudong Wang
t: +61 8 8302 2372
e: shudong.wang@unisa.edu.au

Contact Us

Media enquiries:
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All other enquiries:
Professor Shudong Wang 
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