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The Hawke EU Centre examines migration, asylum and protection issues in an environment where war and conflict, climate events, and global economics are acting as an ever-present catalyst for large-scale movements of people.

The mission of the Hawke EU Centre is to pursue a vigorous program of activities to develop dialogue and cooperation between the European community and Australia in regards to matters of migration, asylum and refugee protection including factors pertaining to cultural and social cohesion in response to demographic shifts in populations, non-military threats such as climate change, the safeguarding of rights, the preservation of borders, democracy, the rule of law, and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Through focused research, policy and cultural outreach programs the Hawke EU Centre will develop a national repository of EU expertise in migration, diasporas, refugees and reconciliation that can be accessed by the media, government and members of the public. We are also developing linkages, networks and partnerships between Australian and European institutions, academics, politicians and policy practitioners in the areas of migration, diaspora, refugees and reconciliation.

The Hawke EU Centre works closely with The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre, the UNESCO Chair in Transnational Diaspora and Reconciliation Studies, key cultural and community groups, and a variety of international partners to create a dynamic network of EU focused research, thinking, policy and ideas driving solutions and pathways to successfully generate new thinking and policy directions in response to the issues of migrating, displaced and vulnerable peoples.


  • Promote a better understanding of EU action and its policies
  • Disseminate information and EU views on issues of interest within regional communities
  • Increase awareness about the political, economic and cultural importance of the relationship between the EU and the specific country.
  • Build networks of academic and educational excellence to broaden and deepen the base
  • Contribute to people-to-people contacts and academic links between the EU and partner countries
  • Develop outreach activities tailored to audiences beyond academic circles to enhance the EU’s visibility, its policies and values and to promote a better understanding and knowledge of the EU
  • Create an effective network of EU-focused research, thinking, policy and ideas to drive knowledgeable solutions and pathways to successfully confront and deal with the issues of migrating, displaced and vulnerable peoples


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