Pedagogies for Justice Research Group

In Australia there has been a long history of social justice research in education. For the past few decades this research has been framed in the field of Curriculum Studies, shifting recently to ‘New Pedagogy Studies’.

The term ‘pedagogy’ is a keyword in the field of education and increasingly in the related fields of cultural studies, media studies and social theory. Invoking the term pedagogy, foregrounds the ‘why’ questions, and links classroom practice explicitly to debates over purposes, and against defining teaching in functional and technical ways devoid of context, philosophy and politics.

This research group aims to contribute to educational theory, policy and practice that is committed to justice and educating for sustainability (EfS). 

Strengths: indigenous, critical pedagogies, school reform, curriculum studies
Emerging themes: sustainability, cultural diversity, embodied pedagogies

Key research areas

Some of the key contours for research concerns of this group include:

  • How can we develop better explanations for the persistent nature of educational inequality in Australia, especially related to poverty, and the impacts of racism and cultural difference?
  • What do we know about ‘actually existing pedagogies’?
  • What are the possibilities for pedagogical innovation in educational settings serving ‘low socio-economic status communities’?
  • What are the logics of educational policy, and specifically how is the idea of social justice understood?
  • What are the effects of education policy on educators work?
  • What research methodologies and conceptual frameworks are capable of advancing pedagogies for justice/sustainability?
  • How do educators contribute to social and ecological sustainability?
  • How do we support transdisciplinary learning?


Robert Hattam (Group Leader) 
Kathy Paige (Deputy Group Leader) 

Alan Reid
Alison Wrench 
Andrew Peterson
Bill Lucas
Bruce Underwood 
Deb Green
Hannah Soong
Helen Osvienko
Ian Thomson
Margaret Scrimgeour
Peter Willis
Robyne Garrett 
Robert Crotty
Victoria Watts
Cindy Brock (Affiliate)
Debbie Price (Affiliate)
Garth Stahl (Affiliate)
Graham Hardy (Affiliate)
Jeff Meiners (Affiliate)
Jenni Carter (Affiliate)
Marnie Best (Affiliate)
Stephen Dobson (Affiliate)

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