STeM Education Group

The STeM Education Research Group comprises three main strands: (1) STEM education (2) e-learning and cognitive technologies (3) learning analytics. The common aim of the group is to better understand and support learning and achievement in STEM across a range of educational contexts.

The research group utilises a range of quantitative and qualitative approaches to inform debates on STEM education and professional learning. Our research focuses on:

  • Explorations in STEM pedagogy
  • Learner use of e- and mobile technologies and  virtual learning environment
  • Learning analytics
  • Cognitive processes underpinning learning and teaching
  • Teacher professional learning in STEM

Strengths: STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), quantitative methods, science of learning, cognition
Emerging themes: learning analytics, vitual learning, curriculum knowledge

Key research areas

  • Learning and teaching in STEM
  • Professional learning in STEM
  • Using digital technologies in mobile, e-learning and virtual learning space
  • Learning analytics  and big data
  • Social network theories


Ruth Geer (Group Leader) 
Graham Hardy (Deputy Group Leader)

Alan Barnes 
Anna Rogers
Anne Carrington
Brendan Bentley
Bruce White
Deb Hosking
Greg Yates
Hannah Harvey
Helen Brown
Larry Spry
Lisa O'Keeffe
Mohan Chinnappan
Paul Unsworth
Sven Trenholm
Trevor Feder
Wing Au
Yvonne Zeegers 
Denise Macgregor (Affiliate Member)
Greg Restall (Affiliate Member)
Kathy Paige (Affiliate Member)
Marnie Best (Affiliate Member)

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