Photography: Invertebrates

Bring us your bugsThe two Bring us Your Bugs events in 2009 were a huge success! Around 1,500 people came on each day and brought along over 2,000 invertebrate specimens. A great achievement for Adelaide's Citizen Scientists! Since the event we have been sorting and photographing the amazing creatures...

Below is a selection of images taken by photographer John Hodgson.

We are happy for you to download and use these images for not-for-profit purposes; please include the following information:

Source: Barbara Hardy Institute ; Photographer: John Hodgson.

Cryptic sun moth cryptic sun moth Jumping spider
Cryptic sun-moth Cryptic sun-moth Jumping spider
Inch ant Introduced snail
Bark spider Inch ant Introduced snail
Stag beetle Garden centepede
Stag beetle Garden centipede Slater
Crusader bug Jewel bug lacewing (larval form shown below - antlions)
Crusader bug Jewel bug Lacewing
(see the larva below - antlions)
Native cockroach Paper wasp nest Elephant weevil
Native cockroach Paper wasp nest Elephant weevil
Praying mantis Black rock scorpion

Close-up photography

We've taken some photographs with the aid of an Olympus SZX7 microscope with a digital camera attachment. These photos were taken by Mike Gemmell of the SA Museum:

Stag beetle close-up Pseudo scorpion close-up Antlions close-up (see adult lacewings above)
Stag beetle Pseudo scorpion Antlions
(see adult lacewings above)
Enamel spider close-up Bed bug close-up Tiny fly close-up
Enamel spider Bed bug
Tiny fly species
Wasp pupae close-up Wasp pupae close-up 2 Wasp (hatched from pupae in previous photo)
Wasp pupa
Wasp pupa
Wasp species

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