Engineering for sustainable agriculture

Sustainable AgricultureResearch and development is undertaken at the Barbara Hardy Institute in mechanisation and cleaner production processes for agriculture and related industries. Our areas of expertise cover both pre-harvest and post-harvest engineering applications, and include:

  • Seeding system technologies in no-till farming systems
  • Seeder machinery design and testing
  • Concept development and full design of specialised machinery
  • Soil mechanics and soil/tool/residueSustainable Agriculture 2 interactions
  • Small scale mechanisation in international conservation agriculture contexts
  • Grain harvester modifications for snail pests, high moisture harvesting and weed seed destruction
  • Technologies for precision agriculture
  • Dried fruit production and processing
  • Almond processing
  • Grain contaminant separation
  • Grain storage
  • Seafood production and processing

We also provide postgraduate supervision, expert specialist advice and consultancy services to industry related to these areas of research.

For further information please contact John Fielke.




Key projects include:

  • Grain storage

    Grain storage

    Measuring working airflow of aeration fans fitted to upright storages and silo bags (CRC funded).

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  • IR sensing on farms

    IR sensing on farms

    A scoping study of engineering solutions for soil and plant sensing using Infrared (GRDC funded).

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  • Rice productivity

    Rice productivity

    Improved rice establishment and productivity in Cambodia and Australia (ACIAR funded).

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  • Weed seed termination

    Weed seed termination

    Mechanical weed seed termination at harvest (GRDC funded).

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Areas of study and research

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